We welcome you to be a part of the family of God here at First Christian Church of Lake Butler. Through God’s Word, the Bible, we are here to help you discover God’s love for you and His plans for you, so that you may “have life and have it abundantly,” as Jesus promised (John 10:10).

From Bible classes to great fellowship, from weekly dinners to prayer times, from praise songs to bold preaching, at First Christian Church of Lake Butler we are here to serve you, your family, your youth, and your children, both here and abroad. We are a Christian church, a non-denominational body of Christ, part of the family of God, that relies on nothing but the Bible as God’s soul inspiration to man. We immerse penitent believers ready to confess that “Jesus is Lord” of their life. See “What We Believe.”

We have a minister with years of experience who has served here for a quarter century, providing stable leadership and consistency. We have an associate minister who brings new ideas to our youth group. We have elders and deacons committed to shepherding and serving. We have in-depth Bible classes for those you want to dig into God’s Word. We have a large sanctuary where services can soar, and facilities to handle all occasions. We have classes for all ages, nursery, missions, youth activities, biblical answers, and more. And we take time to pray, to connect with God our Father through Jesus Christ to praise Him who alone is worthy to be worshiped, to confess our sins, to thank Him for all things, and to ask Him to help those in need.

Come and visit! In the meantime, please enjoy the resources throughout our website and let us know how we can help you deepen your relationship with God.

Bible Bowl

A great opportunity for the kids is Bible Bowl, where kids dive into the Word of God by memorizing Scripture and competing in monthly tournaments, with some going to regional competitions or even attending the Bible Bowl Nationals each summer.

Learn more at the National Bible Bowl website.

You’re Always Welcome!

For more info about our church or for assistance, please Contact Us.

First Christian Church of Lake Butler, “Where Christ is Lord and You are Loved!”

Mission Statement

First Christian Church of Lake Butler Exists to Evangelize the lost; to Edify, Educate and Equip the saved and to minister to the needs of others and to be Light and Salt in our community.


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